Total Sports Enterprises (TSE) has been helping non-profit organizations raise significantly more revenue at their fundraising events for over 8 years.  Using our services, these non-profits saw a rise up to 125% in revenue earned over their last year’s efforts!

How Total Sports Enterprises Can Help You Raise More

  • There are no upfront costs for any of our fundraising programs
  • Handpicked items (by you or us) geared towards your members demographics
  • We exclusively represent some of the biggest names in Pittsburgh sports, these relationships gain us access to limited edition and exclusive auction items found nowhere else
  • We run the auction from A-Z. There is no additional work, you have enough to do


We have hosted auctions at fundraising events of all sizes, from the local golf outings all the way up to black tie galas.  Regardless of the audience our auction services are always a huge hit.

Here are a just few events we have participated in:

  • Troy Polamalu’s Luau
  • Andy Russell’s Annual Golf Outing and Dinner
  • Hines Ward’s Online Fundraiser
  • Jerome Bettis’ Hall of Fame Private Party Gala and The Bus Stops Here Annual Dinner
  • Clint Hurdle Online Sports Auction for Prader-Willi Syndrome Association
  • Rocky Bleier’s “The Play” Roast Luncheon
  • Le’Veon Bell’s Online Fundraiser for The Humane Society
  • The Western PA Gridiron Gold Gala
  • Antonio Brown Online Fundraiser for Children’s Hospital
  • Mel Blount Youth Home Celebrity Roast
  • Countless Golf Outings across Western Pennsylvania

Fundraising Programs

TSE has a variety of fundraising programs available for any type of corporation, organization or program.  Whether your fundraising efforts happen at a particular event or are an on-going process, we have a program for you.

Silent / Live Auctions

Whether your event is hosting 50 people or 1,000, our Auctions are always a huge success.  Using our 8 years of experience we will work with you to develop the best possible products to be auctioned.  We do not recycle the same items from event to event.  For each event we handpick items to ensure maximum bids and revenue earned.

Jerome Bettis uses Total Sports Enterprises Fundraising services  

"Total Sports Enterprises has been hosting silent auctions at my foundation events for years.  They have a great selection of items, first class staff and the service they provide is always something people are talking about.”

~Jerome Bettis

Online Auctions

Raise money online using our auction web site.   Our Online Auctions uses performance tested software to ensure a smooth auction.  Anyone can participate in the auction, you are not limited to just your membership. 

Using the power of the Internet, organizations can market their auction via e-mail blasts and social media posts.  Asking your membership to “share” the auction can increase the chance for success exponentially.

There is no limit to the number of items that can be auctioned and no real time limit.  A good auction last around 7 days and grows in exposure each day.

Hines Ward uses Total Sports Enterprises Fundraising services  

 “I use TSE’s Online Auction Service for all my foundation events, their merchandise selection and staff is second to none.  I would highly recommend them for your event or fundraising need.” 

~Hines Ward


If you are part of a church, sports team, Scouts program or school you no doubt had to either sell raffle tickets or been approached to purchase one!  These raffle programs are a great way to raise money while also teaching kids the value of earning money for their programs.

But what if it could be better?  What if the prize could be cooler?

sports memorabilia fundraising

Our Raffle Program is easy and has no upfront costs.  We provide all of the tickets and prizes - signed jerseys, signed footballs, signed baseballs, etc. – like we said, cooler!

You have options: 

  • One prize per fundraising event
    • Actual prize is predetermined and will dictated by the number of sold tickets required
    • Organization is responsible for a predetermined number of tickets to be sold
  • One prize per selling member
    • Each selling member would be raffling off their own prize and would be responsible for X number of tickets 
    • Organization is responsible for a predetermined number of tickets to be sold
We even give out prizes for the member that sells the most tickets! 

All of our fundraising programs can be tailored to fit your needs and are simple to run.  We are here to help!  Call us today.

Rachael Rennebeck