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Steelers at Dolphins

Oct 16, 2016 0 Comments
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Pittsburgh Steelers at Miami Dolphins

The 4-1 Steelers will travel to South Beach to take on the 1-4 Miami Dolphins. It's a game the Steelers are heavily favored but with the Patriots looming and the Steelers suffering from several injuries, it's a dangerous game for the black and gold. Itís one of those games that could be looked back on later in the season as the 'how in the world did they lose that one?' type of game. They just need to get in, play Steeler football and get out.

Here are the Keys to A Steelers Victory

  • The offensive line must keep Ndamukong Suh away from Big Ben. He's a tough, dirty player and if he gets near Ben, many bad things could happen.
  • The offense must continue to utilize LeVeon Bell in whichever way the defense will allow. Two weeks ago, Bell rushed for over 140 yards. Last week he caught 9 balls for 88 yards. No matter how he gets the ball, he's dangerous so the team just needs to feed it to him however they can.
  • The black and gold must avoid costly turnovers. They are so heavily favored in this game, they must avoid the dumb mental mistakes and turnovers, specifically ones that provide the Dolphins with a short field.
  • The secondary must contain Jarvis Landry. He already had 34 catches through five games and he is Ryan Tannehill's favorite target. If they can keep him around 70 yards or so, theyíll have done their job.

Here are a Few Things to Watch

  • Sammie Coates-He had five drops last week but also had a career day and is the Steelers best deep threat this season. He has a broken index finger yet he's still going to play. Let's see how effective he can be.
  • Antonio Brown-He's supposedly planning on wearing cleats to honor Kimbo Slice and Jose Fernandes, both with Miami guys who have passed this season. I don't believe he'll wear them after warmups but we will see. We've seen how this story goes if he tries to wear them during game play.
  • Vince Williams-He'll be starting again in place of Ryan Shazier and so far he's played really well. Can he continue to play at a high level?
  • Javon Hargrave-Cam Heyward will be out the next few weeks and it appears Hargrave will fill in for him. How will he do as the 'next man up?'

-Mike Pelaia