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Steelers at Bills

Dec 11, 2016 0 Comments
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Pittsburgh Steelers at Buffalo Bills

The Steelers improved to 7-5 last week after defeating the New York Giants and now they have the opportunity to knock out a fellow playoff contender when they visit the Bills in Buffalo on Sunday afternoon. The Bills are 6-6 and a win over the Steelers would keep them in the thick of the playoff race, a loss will knock them out. The Steelers need to keep pace with the Ravens, who visit the Patriots on Monday. There is no margin for error moving forward and every game is a must win at this point.

Here are the Keys to A Steelers Victory:

  • The defense is going to need to hold LeSean McCoy down. McCoy is a very good running back and he runs with a style that can provide this defense fits. The line needs to plug the holes and keep him to short gains. If he’s allowed to break big runs, it could be a long day.
  • Along with stopping McCoy, keeping Tyrod Taylor in the pocket is important. Taylor is a very mobile quarterback and if he’s allowed to run, he can advance the ball fairly easily against the black and gold.
  • Ladarius Green needs to have another big day. I think Rex Ryan will ensure his defense takes A.B. out of the game so Green, who at this point is the 2nd receiving option, needs to step up.
  • Rex Ryan likes to bring a lot of pressure and the Bills will be coming after Ben pretty hard. The O-Line needs to protect him and keep the big man on his feet at all times.

Here are a Few Things to Watch

  • Jesse James-His role is diminishing with the emergence of Green. If Ryan takes out both Brown and Green, will James be called upon?
  • LeVeon Bell-It might be a very cold day in Buffalo and as Chris Fuamatu-Ma’afala told me on Steel Nation Radio presented by Steelers Takeaways, it’s time to run the football. Will the Steelers agree?
  • The offensive line-I think they will be given a real test with blitzes coming on all downs.
  • Discipline-This is a game the Bills need. It’s a game the Steelers need. Will the black and gold stay focused or will they manage to blow it through stupid penalties and lack of concentration?

-Mike Pelaia