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Steelers at Bengals

Dec 18, 2016 0 Comments
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Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals

At 8-5, the Steelers are in first place in the AFC North and have a big game against the Cincinnati Bengals coming up. While they can technically lose this game, as long as they beat the Ravens on Christmas and still be ok, they want to win, make no mistake about it. The Bengals are all but eliminated from the post season but you can bet they want to do all they can to hinder the Steelers from advancing back to the playoffs. It will be a hard hitting affair, as usual.

Here are the Keys to A Steelers Victory

  • Big Ben needs to stay away from Vontaze Burfict. Burfict is the dirtiest player in the NFL, notoriously going after Steelers players and hurting several. He’ll be after Ben, as he was last year and that can’t happen.
  • Le'Veon Bell needs to be to run as often as he did last week. I don’t anticipate another 298 yard day but if he can put down 125 or so, the team will be in great shape.
  • The defense needs to continue to get to the QB. Putting pressure on Andy Dalton will force him into bone headed plays that the defense can capitalize on.
  • A second receiver needs to be established. I expect A.B. to be double teamed most of the day and that means someone else needs to get open to make big plays. Green, Rogers or Coates are all candidates.

Here are a Few Things to Watch

  • Vontaze Burfict-This is his first game against the Steelers since last years playoff loss. How will he react?
  • A.B vs. Pacman-They have had plenty of words for each other over the last year, will that continue onto the field on Sunday?
  • LeVeon Bell-He’s a key, as mentioned above but it will be interesting to see how he follows up his huge day last week. He’s getting MVP consideration down the stretch.
  • The chipiness-It’s something to always keep an eye on when these two teams play.

-Mike Pelaia