Recapping the Steelers Off Season Thus Far

Posted by Mike Pelaia on 4/12/2017 to Pittsburgh Steelers
The Steelers offseason has been a relatively quiet one so far regarding bringing in any new free agents but they have taken care of business, for the most part, in the realm of retaining their own guys.

The Steelers Free Agent Outlook

Posted by Mike Pelaia on 3/8/2017 to Pittsburgh Steelers
March 9th marks the official start of the new NFL league year and the Steelers will find themselves very busy with their own free agents and possibly signing a few from other teams as well.  The black and gold have already had a busy offseason having extended Antonio Brown for four additional years, with a massive contract, giving LeVeon Bell the franchise tag and re-signing linebacker James Harrison for two more years. 

Time to Meet the Challenge

Posted by Mike Pelaia on 1/20/2017 to Pittsburgh Steelers
The Steelers have advanced to the AFC Championship game to face off against the hated New England Patriots.

Steelers at Patriots - Playoffs

Posted by Mike Pelaia on 1/20/2017 to Pittsburgh Steelers
The next stop on the Stairway to Seven has the Steelers visiting the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship Game, Sunday evening.  The Steelers haven’t faced the Pats in this game since the 2004 season when the Pats handed Big Ben the first loss of his professional career. Brady and Bellichick are 9-2 together vs. the Steelers and it’s time for the black and gold to get past their issues beating the Pats.  It won’t be easy but if the Steelers play their brand of football, they can beat New England and advance to Houston to play in the Super Bowl. 

Steelers at Chiefs - Playoffs

Posted by Mike Pelaia on 1/15/2017 to Pittsburgh Steelers
The Stairway To Seven continues this week with a road trip to a very snowy/icy Kansas City. A couple of storms are hitting the area so badly that it has forced the game to be pushed back from the original 1pm kickoff to the 8:20 kickoff time slot instead.  The Steelers destroyed the Chiefs earlier in the season 43-14 and I don’t think that will happen again as the Chiefs have gone 10-2 since that time and earned themselves the #2 overall seed in the AFC.  Having that seed allowed the Chiefs to have a bye last week and come into this game well rested.  The winner will head to New England next week for the right to play for the AFC Championship.  Before that though, they have to play this game, and it will be a hard hitting, close affair.  

The Le'Veon Bell Show

Posted by Mike Pelaia on 1/12/2017 to Pittsburgh Steelers
The Steelers throttled the Miami Dolphins on Sunday at home and are moving onto the divisional round of the playoffs to face the Kansas City Chiefs this coming Sunday. 

Dolphins at Steelers - Playoffs

Posted by Mike Pelaia on 1/8/2017 to Pittsburgh Steelers
The Stairway To Seven starts with a home game against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday. It’s a rematch of a mid October game in Miami that saw the Dolphins trounce the Steelers in a game that turned the Dolphins season around.  Now, the Steelers are given the opportunity to get revenge in an all or nothing game that will send one team into the divisional round of the playoffs and the other to the golf course.  The Steelers are double digit favorites and with a seven game winning streak in hand, they need to build upon the success they’ve had the last couple of months. 

The Time is Now

Posted by Mike Pelaia on 1/5/2017 to Pittsburgh Steelers
The time is now. That’s what the Steelers need to remind themselves as they embark on their post-season journey this Sunday against the Dolphins.

Steelers Just Need to Stay Healthy This Week

Posted by Mike Pelaia on 12/28/2016 to Pittsburgh Steelers
The Steelers advanced to 10-5 on Christmas night and clinched the AFC North in a game that will surely be looked at as the most thrilling in 2016.  With the victory, the season was given a bow on top as the team knocked the Ravens out of playoff contention and locked up the number three seed in the AFC playoffs simultaneously. Locking up the three seed provides a likely scenario that will see a home game against the Dolphins in round one, a road game against Oakland, who is now without Derek Carr, in round two and then lastly a trip to New England for the AFC Title (all pending the Steelers advancing of course).  This is about as good of a scenario as the black and gold could ask for entering the post season. 

Ravens at Steelers

Posted by Mike Pelaia on 12/25/2016 to Pittsburgh Steelers
On Christmas Day, the Steelers take on the Ravens in a game that will most likely decide the AFC North and a home game in the playoffs.  The Steelers were completely outplayed the first time these teams met in Baltimore but with a recent winning streak of five games, the black and gold come in hot. Expect the game to be as hard hitting as ever with a playoff atmosphere. 

Steelers at Bengals

Posted by Mike Pelaia on 12/18/2016 to Pittsburgh Steelers
At 8-5, the Steelers are in first place in the AFC North and have a big game against the Cincinnati Bengals coming up. While they can technically lose this game, as long as they beat the Ravens on Christmas and still be ok, they want to win, make no mistake about it.  The Bengals are all but eliminated from the post season but you can bet they want to do all they can to hinder the Steelers from advancing back to the playoffs.  It will be a hard hitting affair, as usual.

Steelers at Bills

Posted by Mike Pelaia on 12/11/2016 to Pittsburgh Steelers
The Steelers improved to 7-5 last week after defeating the New York Giants and now they have the opportunity to knock out a fellow playoff contender when they visit the Bills in Buffalo on Sunday afternoon.  The Bills are 6-6 and a win over the Steelers would keep them in the thick of the playoff race, a loss will knock them out. The Steelers need to keep pace with the Ravens, who visit the Patriots on Monday. There is no margin for error moving forward and every game is a must win at this point.  

Three Key Players To Steelers Making Playoffs

Posted by Mike Pelaia on 12/9/2016 to Pittsburgh Steelers
The Steelers won their 3rd straight game on Sunday against a very solid New York Giants team in convincing fashion. They appeared to be clicking on all cylinders and if they keep that up, they’ll have a good chance of running the table over the last four weeks and getting a home playoff game as AFC North champions.

Giants at Steelers

Posted by Mike Pelaia on 12/4/2016 to Pittsburgh Steelers
The Steelers won their second game in four days on Thanksgiving night against the Colts and now find themselves with a record of 6-5 and tied for first in the AFC North.  Their reward? A game against the 8-3 Giants, a team that very well could be in the Super Bowl come January. The Steelers are not necessarily in a must win situation, given the Giants are an NFC team, however, they need to keep pace with the rival Ravens so a win is certainly important.  The black and gold will have their hands full but having a few extra days rest will hopefully help them come into the game healthy and ready to play. 

Can Steelers Ride Current Streak?

Posted by Mike Pelaia on 12/1/2016 to Pittsburgh Steelers
The Steelers left Thanksgiving night with a 6-5 record, having just beaten the Browns and the Colts on the road in a span of four days. While beating the Browns isn’t much and beating the Colts without Andrew Luck in particular is also not as difficult, winning two road games in four days is a massive feat for a team who had recently dropped four straight games.

Steelers Win But Still Far From Good

Posted by Mike Pelaia on 11/23/2016 to Pittsburgh Steelers
The Steelers finally snapped their four game losing streak this past Sunday against the winless, hapless and hopeless Browns. The score looks good enough, the stats may seem fine on paper but if you set your eyes to the game, you know, or should know, the real deal.

Steelers at Colts

Posted by Mike Pelaia on 11/23/2016 to Pittsburgh Steelers
The Steelers improved to 5-5 after beating the woeful Cleveland Browns last week. Now, working on a short week they must travel to Indianapolis for a Thanksgiving night showdown with the Colts.  T.Y. Hilton of the Colts says Andrew Luck won’t be playing so the black and gold may have dodged a bullet with that one but it still won’t be an easy trek to make on a short week heading into a hostile environment. 

Steelers at Browns

Posted by Mike Pelaia on 11/20/2016 to Pittsburgh Steelers
The Steelers fell to 4-5 after a tough last second loss to the Dallas Cowboys last week. Now they find themselves in a must win game against the woeful Browns.  A loss in this situation effectively ends the Steelers season, which was once filled with high expectations. To drop from 4-1 to 4-5 in the last four weeks is flat out unacceptable and the Steelers know this but are they past the point of no return or do they have the fire and desire to rectify this disaster?  We’ll find out come Sunday.

All Aboard the Fire Mike Tomlin Train

Posted by Mike Pelaia on 11/16/2016 to Pittsburgh Steelers
The fire Mike Tomlin Train is revving up and about to leave the station. It appears it’s starting to pick up steam around Pittsburgh. I’ve been the conductor of this train for many years now and it appears that I’ve finally started to gain some passengers.  As we leave the station, you’ll have plenty of stops of which to depart on this trek to get Tomlin fired.  Are you ready to go?  If not, perhaps you’ll get on the ride after I describe each stop.

Cowboys at Steelers

Posted by Mike Pelaia on 11/13/2016 to Pittsburgh Steelers
The Steelers dropped to 4-4 after a utter disaster in Baltimore last week and now find themselves in 2nd place in the AFC North with the Ravens having already won this week and the Bengals hot on their trail. “Follow Me” says Ben Roethlisberger as the team heads into the second half of the season. He’s going to have to really play stellar football the rest of the way and be a coach on the field since it appears Mike Tomlin has no ability to coach or lead these guys.  This is a must win game against a very good 7-1 Cowboy team and if the black and gold falls to 4-5, the season will be on the verge of being over. 

Time to Really Question Mike Tomlin

Posted by Mike Pelaia on 11/9/2016 to Pittsburgh Steelers
4-4, that’s the record of your Pittsburgh Steelers at the halfway point in the season. Quite honestly, it’s a disgraceful record and one that the entire team should be ashamed of.
Mike Tomlin needs to recognize that his team has vastly underperformed so far this season and in particular over the last three weeks, going 0-3, twice to two AFC teams who were once again below .500.

Steelers at Ravens

Posted by Mike Pelaia on 11/6/2016 to Pittsburgh Steelers
The Steelers fell to 4-3 before the bye week when New England came to town and did to the black and gold what they do to everyone they play, beat them.  Coming off the bye week, the health of one Ben Roethlisberger is still questionable and there is probably a 50/50 shot on whether he plays or not. 

What's Wrong With The Steelers?

Posted by Mike Pelaia on 10/30/2016 to Pittsburgh Steelers
It’s hard to ask what’s wrong with a team who is 4-3 and leading their division but that’s exactly what I’m asking about the Steelers today. 

New England Patriots at Pittsburgh Steelers

Posted by Mike Pelaia on 10/23/2016 to Pittsburgh Steelers
The Steelers got slammed last week in Miami to the tune of 30-15 and obviously lost more than just the game when Ben Roethlisberger got injured.There are varying reports on how long he’ll be out but it is my expectation that he will miss no more than two games and I wouldn’t be shocked if he played after the bye week.  In the meantime, the Steelers have the toughest challenge of the season on the schedule, even if Ben were playing, against the New England Patriots this Sunday. The team is currently in the hands of backup Landry Jones, who many fans can’t stand. He’ll get his opportunity to prove he belongs and he better take advantage of it.

The Ben Roethlisberger Effect

Posted by Mike Pelaia on 10/18/2016 to Pittsburgh Steelers
A few days after the Steelers devastating loss to the Dolphins, it appears things could have ended up far worse than they did. The team certainly should be embarrassed by their performance in the 30-15 loss that dropped them to 4-2 on the season but they can breathe a sigh of relief after Ben Roethlisberger’s’ injury isn’t as bad as it could have been.
Big Ben had surgery on Monday on the meniscus in his left knee and thanks to having a bye week after the upcoming game against the Patriots; he’ll probably only miss one game, two at most.  It would obviously be more than preferable to have number seven available to play the Patriots, a game that could determine a bye and top seeding in the playoffs but if it’s the only game he misses, a game in which I feel the Patriots would win either way, then it’s not the end of the world.
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